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E 19 | Jamie Gruber – Left My W-2, How I Did It, and Built a Tribe To Help You Achieve It Too!

Welcome to the Small Steps Big Wins podcast and today I interview Jamie Gruber.  Jamie  was a corporate executive making $400K/yr before deciding he had enough. After a Gobundance Mastermind, he was able to compress his goal of quitting from 5-10 years down to 24 months, and doubling his income in that time as well.  Jamie is a partner with Quantum Capital and the creator of Emerge Supercharged. He hosts the top 1% podcast called Tribe of Millionaires and produces volumes of content inspiring people to live their best life. He believes anyone can achieve lifestyle freedom through clarity, confidence and most importantly community. 

Today Jamie unpacks his journey from going from a W-2 corporate job to millionaire by quitting.  Listen to how Jamie leveraged his W-2, built his real estate portfolio, and then the amazing thing that happened when he left his W-2.

Come back tomorrow as I continue the conversation with Jamie on finding your authentic self and cleaning out your closet.

You can reach out to Jamie on Instagram at @theJamieGruber and you can listen to his Tribe of Millionaires podcast. If you would like to know more about Emerge Supercharged, please check out my website, and there is a link that will take you there.

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