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E 37 | Chuck Robinson – The Side Effects of Divorce

Welcome to the Small Steps BIG Wins podcast edition of  Monday Morning Matters. In this episode, I continue my conversation with Chuck Robinson about the effects of divorce. We talk about practical steps we can do for those who have been through divorce or for those who know someone going through divorce. We reflect on our own past mistakes and seek to add value to anyone listening. 

Today’s guest is Charles Robinson. Chuck is a 53-year-old, second-time husband, father of two daughters, US Air Force veteran that tries to learn from most anything he experiences.  Born and raised in the little town of Ravenna, Ohio and was serving his country and married at 21. The first marriage lasted 13 years and through its failure, Chuck gained a very unique perspective from the "male" side of the experience.  He is not perfect and does not claim to be, but through trying to understand the "why" when it comes to divorce, his mission is to help assist those heading down the path of divorce.

If you enjoyed today’s podcast, I would encourage you to go back and listen to the entire episode (#32) for more context. 

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