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E 65 | Bill Simmons: Turning Chaos to Order – What a Nervous Breakdown Taught Me About Running a Business

Welcome to another episode of the Small Steps, BIG Wins podcast! Today I interview Bill Simmons, the founder and CEO of Thrive Business Solutions. He is an expert at building a team to execute a company’s vision. Bill and his team love to serve entrepreneurs who want a business that operates without them.He is your secret weapon for strategic growth. With over 30 years’ experience helping individuals and entrepreneurs clarify and execute their visions, Bill and his team are the ones to turn to when you’re ready to grow your life or organization.Through it all, he’s mastered the process of clarifying a vision, creating a strategy for action, and seeing the plan through to success.

  • How your daily affirmations matter to you

  • Bringing chaos to order in life

  • How are stories are like pearls

  • Finding your real you

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