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E 71 | Steve Leitch: AMAZING! From Addict to Swimming 26 miles across the Ka’iwi Channel

Welcome to another episode of the Small Steps BIG Wins podcast! My very special guest today is Steve Leitch! Steve not only is known for being the 94th person to swim across the Ka’iwi Channel in Hawaii, but his story is one of amazing recovery, perseverance, determination, and grit. 

In this episode, we unpack:

  • Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction

  • What he learned about himself through recovery and swimming

  • Overcoming fear and adversity in the midst of CHOICE

  • Find out the 2 main lessons that he learned

  • Steve talks about what he thought would be easy and wasn’t and what he thought would be hard, but was easy

  • Find out why he is called MOBY

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