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E 73 | Brad Thorpe: Give Yourself the Gift of Safe, Effective Isometric Exercise!

Welcome to another episode of the Small Steps, BIG Wins podcast! Today I welcome Brad Thorpe, inventor of the Isophit. Their company’s mission is: No matter what level of sport, our mission is to help our community of athletes reduce their risk of injury while optimizing their athletic performance. He does this with a revolutionary product designed to reduce injury, build muscle, aid recovery, and protect joints. The current state of the fitness industry paints a troubling picture. Consider this: Nearly 80% of Americans have no gym membership, and of those who do, the average visitation rate is less than twice a week. Yet, despite these relatively low engagement numbers, nearly 100% of all exercise participants are injured to some degree from exercise. Clearly, our collective promotion of "Dynamic Exercise" is failing us, with the resulting harm, avoidance, and economic burden becoming increasingly evident.

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Enter isometric strength training – a method that has been overshadowed by the glitz and glamor of dynamic workouts. Isometric strength training focuses on increasing muscle tension where the contracting muscles maintain a consistent length without visible movement at the affected joints. This approach is not just a fad; it's grounded in science and offers a myriad of health benefits that are superior to dynamic movement-based exercise.

Brad’s expert knowledge makes this episode a fascinating conversation into the world of exercise science and we debunk the myths that surround what we currently believe about exercise.

Drop into our fantastic conversation unpacking the beginning of Isophit and the benefits surrounding this amazing piece of equipment. 

Brad’s website:  https://www.isophit.com/

Brad’s email:  [email protected]

instagram https://www.instagram.com/isophit_inventor/

Additional articles on Isophit: https://www.isophit.com/blogs/news

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